Are you looking for the right price for your product photography? You are at the right place. This article will help you and cover all the things you need to know about product photography pricing. We will help you know what factors can affect the pricing of product photography of your online store and how you can calculate your budget for the service you will get. By reading this article, you will know what is the right cost for your product photography.


The product pricing photography depends either on the product or an image. Let’s look at how product photography pricing differs

  • Product

It doesn’t matter how many images have been taken per product, the service provider will quote you the price per product image. This pricing structure is not that common. 

  • Image

This pricing structure depends on the price per product image. Here, the service provider will ask you all the details: the number of images per product, the angles and will quote you the price according to it. This is an easy way as you will be able to know the budget required for the whole project. 


  • Size of the product

Larger product photography is more expensive than smaller product photography. Smaller products are easier to photograph and don’t take much time whereas larger products consume more time and require studio equipment. 

  • Location

The location also matters. If you want the product photography at your place, it won’t cost you much compared to product photography at the service provider’s place. At the service provider’s place, your product would get more attention as the service provider has the professional equipment and a studio. But for a product shoot at the service provider’s place will cost you more which will also include the cost of shipping which depends on the distance of his studio from your home. 

  • Image editing charges

When your product photography is finalized and you have got your photos, sometimes you feel a need for editing. This costs additional charges. It includes adjusting levels, setting background, and cropping. Depends on the customers what they want. 

  • Photographer’s experience and skills

A renowned photographer will charge more than a normal photographer. Better the quality more the price. If your photographer has the experience, skills, and known for his work, he will definitely charge more.


If you have an online store and you want your sales to increase, you should definitely focus on the product photography of your store. Product photography has a great impact on sales. According to statistics, 75% of your sales is based on the product image. If the image quality is good, it would increase your sales for sure!