Project Description

Product photography has devoted it’s several years to fashion photography. Our devotion towards our work intrigued Ms. Hannah to work with us. She is a fashion designer who just launched her clothing brand. She hired us to capture photos of her fashion models dressed in gears designed by her. We mutually decided to shoot in an old building lying in the suburbs. With Ms. Hannah’s creative effort and our directional skills, we were able to pull off the finest shoot. We made sure that the detailing of the cloth was visible enough in the pictures. The lighting was perfect to capture the textures and vibrancy of the clothes. The visual concepts of the shoot and the story behind it was all put into action by our Art director. With our relentless effort, we were successful in snapping the most breath-taking shots.

The team of product photography ensured:

  • That the models posed in a way in which clothes were at a full display.
  • To shoot in natural lighting before the sun goes down.
  • To satisfy Ms Hannah with our creative fashion photography skills.

‘ I can proudly say that I hired the best team to capture my fashion models. The result of the shoot was beyond exceptional. The models looked glorious in their fashion attire. I would love to work with them again.’

Ms Hannah