If you want to become a photographer for Amazon and you don’t know how to start. We are here for you! In this article, we will cover all the information you need to do to become a product photographer for Amazon. Here are some of the types of product photography

  • Lifestyle images

Lifestyle images are the images where your product is used by the model in the image. These pictures really affect the buying behavior of your customer. Your product photo will get more attention as it is told by numerous researchers that people have a faster response by seeing people in pictures rather than just an image of a product. 

  • Product images

The images of the product help a customer to see how your products look. Angles are very important as you are presenting it to the people so it should be perfect and the picture should define what the product looks like. 

  • Info-graphic images

An info-graphic image gives a detail about the image. You can add your product details with text or use arrows to give a length detail about your product. They are very useful for your online store as it gives more detail about the product rather than just a picture. 


You should make your images attractive as a product photographer. There are various policies for its photo. Here are some of the requirements of Amazon product photography

  • The background for images should be white
  • The width of images should be 500-10,000 pixels
  • The maximum size of the file should be 10 MB


  • Lighting

Good lighting is the key to every good picture. Use soft white lighting for your product. You can use LED lights or you can also use any portable light. You can also buy a lightbox from Amazon for your product photography

  • White Backdrop

It is mandatory to have a white backdrop when taking pictures for Amazon as Amazon only allows a white backdrop image. You can use a white sheet of paper of white bedsheets as a backdrop for your product photography.

  • Clear picture

Remove all the dust from your photo. Phot should be clear. You can use different apps for it. “Windows live photo gallery” is a good app if you want to clear your image for amazon product photography

  • Upload image

Amazon takes approx 15 minutes to upload a photo. Don’t panic or think that something is wrong with your photo. This is the final step of uploading your product image on Amazon


You need to mention the product name and some description of it, what it is used for. Also, mention the size of the product available. The image should be square cropped. Give a brief review too about your product. You can cover all the details of your product here.


Use these tricks that might help you with uploading your product photography on Amazon. Be creative, use more ideas to make your picture look unique that can seek everyone’s attention.